11 Seljuk Ceramics Ideas

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Seljuk state 11th century. Central Asia and Central Asia for 300 years
It is one of the great Turkish states that dominated the east. 1071 Malazgirt
With the war, it dominated the Anatolian lands. Seljuk during this period
The state has produced great works in both architecture and other art fields.

Architectural structures that give identity to Seljuk art, parallel development with these structures
The ceramic and ceramic art showing is a legacy inherited from the Seljuks to the Ottoman Empire.
At the same time, this heritage is the basis of today’s tile and ceramic art.
constitute. The most important tile and ceramic production center in the Ottoman period
are Iznik and Kütahya. In the 17th century Iznik tile and ceramic production.

The workshops in Kütahya have become more prominent and have lost their effectiveness.
has carried the tradition. However, this tradition, which has been carried to the present, did not go beyond imitation.