29 The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World Ideas

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The longest beaches in the world

The world’s longest beach is 245 km of Praira do Cassino Beach in Brazil. Cox’s Bazar Beach in Bangladesh, which has a length of 150 kilometers, is in the second place. There are also two Turkish beaches in the list of the 15 longest beaches in the world. The first is Samandağ Beach in Hatay, which is 14 kilometers long, and the second is Patara Beach in Antalya with 12 kilometers. Let’s take a walk on the long beaches together.

Patara Beach TURKEY
Located near Kalkan town of Kas district of Antalya, this beach was named after the ancient city nearby. Considered as the eleventh longest beach in the world, the length of the beach is 12 kilometers. The depth of the beach reaches 200-300 meters. The beach, which has a shallow sea, is very suitable for windsurfing due to the non-stop wind. Patara beach is under protection as it is the spawning ground for sea turtles. Desert scenes of old Yeşilçam films were usually shot in Patara due to its wide beach and occasional sand dunes. This beautiful beach, in the various countries of the world have chosen our country to Turkey, where a few tourists from naturist and nudist sheltered and is considered one of the safer areas.

Praia do Cassino Beach BRAZIL
The name of this beach, which is 245 kilometers in length, comes from a casino called Praia do Cassino, which was founded here in 1890. Actually, this business is designed not only as a casino, but as a large tourist resort. It also happens. There is a large hotel consisting of old Rio houses, piers, cabins, beach promenades, trapezes, flower gardens. Although it lost its former reputation when the Brazilian government banned roulette in 1946, it continues to function as a tourist resort. Those who come to this beach definitely visit this historical establishment. Located in the state of Rio Grande, the beach starts from the city of Rio and stretches all the way to the Uruguay border. There are many places to visit and museums along the coast. The collection of sea crustaceans in the Oceanography Museum located on the shore of the beach is considered to be the largest in the world. There are also blue whale skeletons. In the aquarium part, you can see sea lions and penguins. While you are here, you should also see the naval museum and the 4.5 kilometers long stone breakwater. The beach is ideal for all kinds of water sports, especially surfing.