30 Deer Drawing Ideas

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Alm. Hirsch, Fr. Cerf, Eng. Deer. Family: Deers (Cervidae). Spots of living arrangement: in European backwoods and in certain pieces of Asia, in North, South America and Northwestern pieces of Africa. In New Zealand and Australia. Properties: Mammalian well evolved creatures that ruminate. They have fanned horns. Generally men are horned and old horns are tossed each year and new horns show up. Their ages are controlled by the parts of their horns. Life expectancy: About 30 years. Types: There are numerous sorts. Red, Rhine, Caribou, Ala, Spotted, Muncak, Roe, Musk, Mus, Canada, Virginia, China, Barking, Swamp deer are the most popular.

The nonexclusive name given to the Geyikgiller (Cervidae) family species. They are ungulated warm blooded animals that ruminate from the group of Çiftparmaklılar (Artiodactyla). Its feet are four fingers. There is no nerve bladder. It is an agile and rich creature with dainty legs, short tails, living anyplace on the planet. The female is classified “Maral”.

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