34 For Keyboard Designs That You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Ideas

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The keyboard is an external, not internal hardware, with letters as well as numbers and symbols on it, allowing us to issue commands to the computer. The computer is mainly controlled by the keyboard. According to the arrangement of the keys, keyboards are divided into two as Q and F keyboards. Besides, according to its structure; normal keyboards, multimedia keyboards and optimal keyboards. Now that we have answered the questions of what is a keyboard and what are the keyboard types, let’s go into a little detail.

We talked about the keyboard’s function. The keyboard contains a simple microprocessor and memory. When any key is pressed, the microprocessor signal that transmits this key to the computer communicates with the computer with hex codes. When we lift our hand from the key we pressed on the keyboard, this hex code is sent to the computer within milliseconds. This signal between the computer and the keyboard is not unidirectional but double sided. The most used keyboard in the world is the Q keyboard. When Q Keyboard was first designed, it was produced as a type of keyboard that aimed for users to type slowly and not to lock the computer. In those days, computers and keyboards had very low memory, so computers were frequently inoperable and locked up. But as time went on, everyone started using the Q keyboard layout.

The most used keyboard in our country is the Q keyboard. The F keyboard, which is generally located in our country and used in official offices, is designed according to the Turkish letter layout, and it has been created with the aim of placing the most used letters in places that our hands can easily reach according to the letter order. These letter strings, which were designed for typewriters in the past, were transferred to the keyboard as time progressed. The “normal” keyboard model, which is commonly used in the office, workplace or home, has all the functions on the keyboard. Normal keyboards, which have a structure that is simple and easy to use, generally have a layout and design that we are all familiar with. We can easily observe at first glance that multimedia keyboards, which are an improved version of normal keyboards, have added multimedia keys in addition to the normal keyboard. In addition to the media player opening and closing functions, keys such as volume up and down, web browser control are also located on the keyboard.
On optimum keyboards, the function to which the keys are assigned can be changed. Keyboards consisting of OLED displays are generally preferred by game users, but also by designers.
After mentioning the keyboard types, it is useful to explain the parameters of the keyboard. Keyboards can be connected to the computer via USB or PS / 2 port. While the PS / 2 port is mostly used in old keyboards, all of today’s new generation keyboards use the USB port for connection.