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37 For Portable Mobile Home Ideas

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What is a Mobile Home?

Mobile houses, which are one of the prefabricated house types; It is a type of structure that does not require infrastructure and is produced in a portable way.

When it comes to mobile, a house that can be moved quickly and easily comes to mind, but mobile homes are actually not portable as we understand them.

Portable House

They must be brought to the area where you want to move your mobile home by truck or similar vehicle installed, and if you want to change your location, it must be taken by vehicle in the same way.

In addition, since the maximum weight and dimensions of the trucks and trucks on the highways are under the control of the highways, these mobile houses are planned and manufactured according to these dimensions. Therefore, if you want to have a mobile home, you have to take certain responsibilities and leave the job to the professionals.

The most suitable solution for lands without a construction permit Mobil Evler

Mobile homes; It is a house model that you can easily position not only in terms of portable but also in your land that is not permitted for construction. The reason why mobile homes are subject to construction permit is the lack of infrastructure. For this reason, the electricity, clean water and waste water tanks required for your Mobile Homes must be provided by you.

The usage areas of Mobile Houses are quite wide …

You can speed up your work by providing installation in the closest area for your ongoing construction or long-term vineyard gardening works.

You can easily use mobile homes that are very comfortable and useful in terms of accommodation.

It is a building preferred by construction companies especially for the office.

It is an important detail for what purpose you will use the portable structures that offer you a practical life in every aspect.

Because according to this, there should be room for areas such as kitchen, bedroom, shower and WC. Portable houses, which are extremely useful and practical, have an aesthetic and stylish appearance with architectural touches.

These houses, which provide a sufficient living space for one or two people and can be used in all seasons, offer an attractive option for investors.

If You Want to Build Your Own Mobile Home…

You can turn recycled products that you can play as you wish, from planning to decoration, into a wonderful living space …

Moreover, you will contribute to the environment and economy by recycling. You can turn an old freight container or your obsolete pickup truck into a great living space with a few simple additions. So you get a great mobile home at an extremely low cost.

Mobile Home Planning and Decoration

In these small buildings, although there is the principle of more function in a small space, which is the basis for planning the interior spaces of the houses, it should look aesthetically good and the items should be arranged according to the user needs.

While making a decoration that reflects you in your living spaces, you can also make your narrow spaces more useful with practical furniture that will make your daily life easier.