42 A Different Choice In Pet Care: Iguana Ideas

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Average life expectancy of iguan living in trees is 18-20 years. It is an entirely herbaceous species; They feed on plants such as fruits and leaves. They also have benefits such as eating green and absorbing radiation from green. It is 1.3-2 meters long from its nose to tail and its tongue is 50 cm long. Male iguanas are more aggressive than females. The protection method of male iguanas is to whip the tail. Iguanas are particularly afraid of birds.

General Characteristics of Iguanas

They are wild, it takes time for them to become tamed.
They can live for an average of 20 years.
There are iguana species reaching 2 meters in length.
Home grown species can weigh up to 18 kilos with good care.
They have to take a bath.
Weeds are voracious creatures.
Males are more aggressive than females.
They molt twice a year.
Their skin is scaly and thick.
They are cold-blooded animals.
They like hot climates.
They use their tails as a means of balance and defense. Their tails are very strong, when they swing they can break a human bone. When their tails are cut off, they can grow tails again.
They have a third eye from which they can see attacks from above. But this eye sees blurred.
Although they are herbivores, they have very sharp teeth.
They swim very well.
They reproduce with eggs. 65 days after mating, females lay 10 to 30 eggs. The incubation period can take up to 120 days.