46 A Visual Feast Accompanied With Educational Information For The Camp Ideas

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What is Camping?
It can be defined as the natural departure of the athletes with camping, tents and other necessary equipment or staying in pre-arranged areas. Camping can be done alone or together with other sports. Camping is an integral part, especially for those interested in extreme sports such as mountaineering and trekking. On the tracks that sometimes take days or weeks, most athletes enjoy nature by taking camping equipment with them.

How is it done?
Camping with sleeping bags and tents covers accommodation for a certain period of time. Camping, which can be done both in the forest, on the mountain slopes and on the sea shore, means being in touch with nature. This sport, which is the basis of all kinds of nature activities, makes it possible to relax mentally.

Providing complete camping equipment is the basis of camping. Equipment and clothing should be prepared taking into account changing weather conditions and rough terrain.

What is Camping Training? What Does Basic Camping Training Include?
Basic camping training begins with the teaching that camping is a way of life. Those who engage in camping activities are expected to respect nature and living creatures. It is imperative that the campers assimilate the information such that plants, animals and trees in the nature should not be harmed and the fire should be extinguished if it is lit.

Along with the things to know about nature, camping training includes what athletes should do. Especially for the first time campers, the training course includes how to set up a tent, light a fire, prepare food and collect the camp. Changing weather conditions should not be ignored and clothes suitable for the climate of the region should be carried.

The choice of the camping site is also of great importance. Some regions have camping areas that provide various services. These areas can even meet the need for tents. Especially in Europe, there are private businesses where you can get these services in almost every camping area. Those who want to set up their own tent can camp in places that are not too inclined and suitable for toilet needs, close to water sources. One of the camping principles is to leave the camping area cleaner than it is located.

Necessary Materials for Camping
Equipment is very important for a safe and comfortable camping experience.

Durability, design and dimensions are the main points to be considered in tent selection. It is necessary to choose a suitable tent for how many people the camp is going to be. Tents with ventilation, which will protect campers from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow, are more useful. In this sense, you can choose triangular, tunnel or dome tents according to your needs.

Sleeping bag
Sleeping bags should be light, compact and not causing heat loss. Overalls are produced using goose down or synthetic fillings. Goose down sleeping bags keep warmer, while synthetic ones are lighter. Considering the seasonal conditions and the duration of the camp will facilitate the process of choosing overalls for campers.

Backpacks come in different volumes and designs. Campers should choose a durable bag with a width suitable for the equipment they will take with them.

Eating and drinking
Camping stoves with compact designs are great for long-term camping activities. Small containers suitable for camping and forks and spoons are among the tools that athletes should take with them. Foods such as pasta or bulgur can be cooked in a short time in this way. Canned food, snacks, ready meals and drinks will be sufficient for short-term camps.

Flashlight is one of the most used camping equipment, especially at night. Along with flashlights, AA lithium batteries are also a must-have item for campers.

Wearing several layers of thin clothes instead of thick clothes will keep body heat. Clothing to protect the head and neck area may be preferred, especially in camps in cold areas covered with snow. Gloves, leggings, socks, and shoes should also have properties to retain heat. Spare clothes should also be in the backpack in case of getting wet.

Other materials

First-aid kit
suntan cream
Garbage bag
Strike a match
Cleaning materials (soap, toilet paper, towels, wet wipes, etc.)
When is the Camp?
Camping is a sport that can be done in all seasons. Especially if it is done together with extreme sports, the seasons suitable for these sports are more suitable for camping. You can camp by the beach in summer and on the mountain slopes in winter.