47 Does Living in Nature Extend Human Life Ideas

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What would you recommend to a person who has lost his way in nature?

I advise him not to panic and to take control of his fear. Panic is deadly. Fear is swirling. This is not a recommendation, it is an obligation that he will have to apply whether he wants to or not. Later, he must build or find shelter in a way that will not leave its place and protect it with its physical integrity; In order for search and rescue to work properly, it should keep its place for at least two days. Of course, it should leave plenty of signs in the environment for search crews. However, if there is a risky situation that will prevent him from staying where he is lost, if this situation will put him in more danger, he should leave plenty of marks and marks. If he comes across it, he must find a stream and follow it down as far as the arrow. Water is life, and where there is water, where water accumulates, there are elements of life.

There are numerous benefits to being in nature. Forest bath, the therapy method that has been rising recently, has always been in our lives, even if we do not mention it with this name.
It happens quite a few times that we separate ourselves from nature. Ever since we started living in cities and metropolises, nature is something to be visited, not lived in. According to some numerical information … UN survey, 73 percent of the population lives in cities in Turkey. This number is expected to increase to 84 percent by 2050. In 1990, the rate of living in cities was 59 percent. It is only 30 years, a 30 years that is rapidly disconnected from nature.

In our article, the secret life of trees, we talked about a practice that the Japanese call forest bathing. It has been proven by many researches around the world that an experience that you feel just being in nature is good for your soul. Forest bathing is a habit that spread in waves, although it originated in Japan. Exercise is not like walking. It is a habit where you completely disconnect yourself from the stimuli of the city and mobile phones, feel all your senses and build a bridge between you and nature. Especially in Japan, as a result of many researches in the field of the effects of nature on human health, “shinrin-yoku”, that is, forest bathing, has found its place as a therapy method supported by the state. It has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, especially in men over middle age. Its benefits to psychology do not fall short of its physical benefits.

His only condition is to feel that you are really in nature, in the forest, on the plateau. The way to do this is to avoid taking cell phones, cameras and watches with you. To be ready to have a genuine experience.

Feeling the wind and heat in your body while walking, listening to the sounds coming from the forest, feeling the soil your feet stepped on, inhaling the scent emanating from the trees… Then, on a stone, find a flatness and breathe. Watching a flying bird.