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51 Inspiring For The Details You Need To Pay Attention To When Building Stairs To Your Home Ideas

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1- Ladder design
Stair is the architectural name given to the structure that connects two surfaces of different heights with steep or inclined steps. Ladders can have a vertical, horizontal or circular form depending on their structure. The definition of stairs is very wide and escalators, fire escapes or portable stairs are included in this title. The device consisting of portable steps used to reach a certain height in addition to connecting the two floors together is also called the ladder. A ladder has a support called handrail or railing on the sides in order to ensure safety, except for a step. However, there is no obligation to be a support on every stair. Ladders are the most common of the vertical circulation devices. Ladders are divided into different groups according to the purpose of use, material type and design style. The staircase type outside a building is external stairs. The stairs in the building or in the house are also internal stairs and are divided into four as main, side, service and fire stairs. Many criteria are taken into account when dividing the stairs into types. For example, there are straight-arm and straight-arm trapezoidal steps or rotary and partially rotary staircase types. In addition, there are normal, inclined and steep stairs according to their slopes. In addition to all these, stairs are generally divided into models according to the building material. These are wooden, reinforced concrete, stone and mixed stairs depending on the type of material.

2- Ladder models
Stairs are divided into many types according to the building material, shape and slope. In traditional Turkish houses, the stairs are usually single-arm and wooden. Apart from that, examples of angular, revolving, twisted and suspended stairs have been seen in historical buildings. Today, with the developing technology, many ladder models are produced. These models have different features up to the slope of the ladder’s material.

According to the material, the stairs are divided into four as wood, concrete, stone and mixed. Wooden stairs are a model that easily adapts to classical and modern architecture. Thanks to its natural texture and easy formability, it adds a warm ambiance to the place where it is located. The light, robust and hygienic nature of wood makes the wooden ladder always popular. Solid wood or oak stairs is a material that fits well into the classic style. The fact that it is a material resistant to moisture, mold and rot makes oak indispensable. The wooden ladder can be painted in different colors or used with or without polish. The concrete ladder model is generally not used as raw concrete. The steps have different finishing materials such as wood and marble. Stone staircase type is generally preferred for exterior stairs. In areas such as gardens and terraces, stone stairs are made in accordance with the natural air of the outdoor area. Apart from these materials, we also see metal and glass staircase models. Glass stairs are a model that is very suitable for modern and minimalist style. Transparent surfaces add depth to the space and strengthen the visual effect. While reinforced glass panels are extremely durable in terms of safety, they are not a heavy material such as concrete or stone.

Stairs differ not only in building materials, but also in their form. There are models such as corner platform staircase, full spiral staircase and quarter spiral staircase. According to their slope, they are divided into three as sloping slope, normal slope and steep slope.

Things to consider before making a ladder :
The first thing you should pay attention to when making a ladder in your home is to determine the width of the area left for the ladder and determine the step spacing and step width. In this way, it is easier to decide on the ladder type. If the space reserved for the stairs is narrow, the spiral staircase model can be preferred with the steps opening from narrow to wide. If the staircase area is large, a flat-step model is ideal for your home. You can choose materials such as granite, marble or wood to strengthen the visuality of the straight staircase. Building material greatly affects the appearance of the staircase. For example, a staircase made of oak wood looks great in a home decorated in a classic style, while wood for a rustic apartment and glass material for a modern house would be a harmonious choice. Consulting professionals when planning staircase design for detached houses will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

Stair elements
Along with the ladder, the ladder elements play an important role in ladder design. These elements are ladder house, ladder arm, step, dock, landing, ladder bucket, conservatory, railing and handrail. The element that ensures the safety of the ladder is the railing and the handrail. Just like the building material of the staircase, the railing can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass and marble. The handrail placed on the railing is made of materials such as wood, metal or plastic. Handrails and handrails significantly affect the visuality of the staircase, apart from safety.