52 Image Of The Bloody Wars in History

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World War I History

The start date of the First World War is 1914. Since July 28, 1914, this great war ended in 1918. As the name suggests, many countries took part in this world-wide war. Standing for 4 years, the First World War has changed many ways of life and governance of the world during this period.

The states that participated in the war between the ages of 1914-1918 experienced great difficulties both financially and morally. Of course, the interests of the great states participating in the war have tried to minimize the damages of the war by making various agreements.

World War I Parties and Fronts

It was divided into Alliance Painting and Entente Picture by the First World War. The letters of the alliance states took place in this great world war of the Ottoman Empire. Alliance states; Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Italy. Italy, who was first listed on behalf of the Alliance states, could later go to war alongside the Allies in 1915, although it later voiced a neutral response. After this attitude of Italy, the course of the World War changed.

The other side, İtilaf Örnek, is a more crowded picture. The states included in the picture of allegiance are; UK, Russia, France, Belgium, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Japan, Brazil, Greece, USA. The USA, which was neutral in the First World War, came to war by 1917 today. The USA, which is against the war besides the Entente states, caused the war to change its course as well as accelerate its end.