52 The Most Interesting Creatures of the Animal Kingdom: For Ape Species Ideas

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Apes, one of the interesting species of the animal kingdom, belong to the mammals group. The monkey appears as the species that many people are curious about. Apes, one of the interesting species of the animal kingdom, belong to the mammals group. The monkey appears as the species that many people are curious about. Antarctica is found on all other continents in a variety of different species. The most important characteristics of monkeys are that they can adapt to any environment very quickly. At the same time, monkeys are known as the most social animals in the mammal group. Ninety percent of these animals live in forests.

What Are The Types Of Monkeys?
Apes with highly developed imitation abilities are examined in two groups as large and small species.

Gorilla: It is known as the strongest and largest animal of the monkey kingdom. Some monkeys of this species appear up to 250-300. This type of monkey, which has such a strong structure, stands out as having a structure. As seen in various documentaries, gorillas have only been seen to be aggressive towards leopards. Although gorillas are heavy, they are considered among the species that can climb trees most comfortably. Gorillas live only on the African continent and feed on grass.
Baboon: This type of plants is also known as the Abyssinian monkey. Baboons are one of the largest apes. They are also known as dogs monkeys because their nose looks like dogs. Baboons with well-developed family ties never leave their offspring alone. These species are carnivores that survive in flocks.
Tamarin Monkeys: Tamarin has an extraordinary appearance. It is fair to say that this ape species is almost extinct. A few such plants, which are now rare in nature, have been taken under protection. It is also known as the Golden Lion Monkey because it is golden in color with its curves resembling a lion’s mane.
There are more species of animals in nature and they have their own characteristics.

20 Interesting Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are called by many people as very cute and funny creatures. Monkeys generally love to play games. Monkeys attract more attention in zoos than in other animals, and their intelligence plays an important role in this. Under this heading, we have collected information you have never heard of about apes;

Monkeys are divided into three groups. Old world monkeys, loquat monkeys and apes.
Some apes have the most advanced intelligence in the animal kingdom and can even learn to count from one to a hundred after having a good tutorial.
As a result of many studies, it has been revealed that there are 264 different monkey species living in the world.
People living on the Asian side train monkeys to even harvest fruit from tall trees.
The family ties of monkeys that clean each other’s feathers are considered more developed.
Chimpanzees are the only creatures that manage to use athletes after humans.
Relationship life in monkeys is a bit complicated. After the male monkeys climb high, they pee on the female monkeys they like. This is a kind of courtship style.
In some parts of Asia, monkey meat is on the menus of restaurants as a meal.
Macaque monkey species, also known as thieving monkeys, can be found everywhere in India.
Some monkey species prefer to wash and eat the fruit after plucking it from its branches.
If baboons are in need of protein, they are fed by hunting birds with a baby gazelle.
Since Berber monkeys are one of the endangered species of monkeys, they are very tightly protected.
Human DNA and chimpanzee DNA matched ninety-nine percent as a result of the research done by the scientist.
A monkey crossing the Pakistan border from India without permission has been imprisoned by the Pakistani government.
Humans and gorillas have almost similar bodies. An infectious disease in humans can be transmitted to a gorilla immediately upon contact.
Gorillas can live up to 60 years.
The dwarf silk monkey is known as the smallest species of monkey in the world.
The male mandril is called the largest monkey in the world. These monkey species are 1 meter long and can reach 35 kg.
Titi monkeys live in South America and are monogamous, and monogamy is very rare in monkeys.
Like humans, monkeys are sensitive to optical illusions.