53 Lino Printing Ideas

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It is a printing type produced using flooring material. Tile; It is a sort of base material in move structure produced using linseed texture secured with linseed oil, common tar, stopper powder, sawdust, limestone. Be that as it may, it is additionally utilized in printing expressions since it is anything but difficult to etch.

Turkey perceived among names on the tile print Akoral MN.

Vital materials for tile printing;

  • Linol cutting blades
  • Ink
  • Rubber roller or move wipe
  • Paper
  • Linol Printing Machine

1-First we make the drawing that we will move to tile. At that point we move the attracting to the sketch paper and pass it to flooring.

2-We begin cutting the parts we draw with the cutting blades. You can utilize various sorts and sizes of bits relying upon the region to be engraved.

3-Fully cut and work showed up.

4-We can go to the printing stage. We move the ink we squashed to linole with the assistance of a roller.

5-We place our tile in our printing machine. We spread the paper we will use on it and spread it with felt or other paper to keep the paper from being harmed by the roller.

6-By gradually going the tile through the roller, we guarantee that the paper and linole are firmly consolidated.

7-We evacuate the paper.

8-Printing is finished. We dry it in the drying bureau for drying or in a vaporous situation that won’t get grimy.

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