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54 Scandinavian Style Single Sofa Ideas

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What is Scandinavian Style?

As the name suggests, this style is from Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Finland and Norway.
With this country in my climate school, high accessories stand out in your style. Is one of the elements.
Coming from the concept of HYGGE; The combination of the words sincerity, comfort, comfort, peace and warmth and
It is the feeling of these emotions at the same time.
Black and white shades are the basis of many Scandinavian designs. Built glazed, beautiful floor
It was the colors that prepared them and could be combined in harmony with each other.
In this style, as the white color will make the space look different, wider and more spacious, the white walls are
come to the plan. Geographical features of the Scandinavian countries as the reason why this color appeared
can be shown. The long last winter season has caused the main color return of white. This color is bright
With its effect, it provides the feeling of spaciousness to your home.

How do we know when we look at a painting that it is Scandinavian Style?
In the Scandinavian style, simplicity, warmth and sugar bowl are the main elements that determine the style.
Simplicity is the key to decorating Scandinavian style. Simple designs that are easy on the eyes
Unnecessary items are avoided.
Similar to the minimalist and modern style, but not avoiding accessories, in a minimalist style.
It is not just a possibility but a style in which it is at the forefront of its appearance.