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57 It Will Give Your Living Spaces A Tropical Look Ideas

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Keeping plants at home provides many benefits beyond creating a beautiful decor. Perhaps the most important of these benefits is cleaning the air. Chemical volatile substances used in home and office furniture and floors, walls threaten our health with the gases they emit into the environment. The easiest way to clean the air is to aerate the sheets, but in his time this is not possible. Considering that we spend most of our time indoors, the return benefit of plants is a situation that should not be ignored.

If we take NASA’s research on this subject, we have to keep a house plant. A study by NASA on plants has proven that we can naturally get rid of chemicals that are released into the air. Over the course of two years, 90 studies have identified 15 plants that absorb these harmful chemicals in the best possible way. These plants are aloe-vera, bamboo, areca, rubber, benjamin, camel base varieties, dracaena varieties, peace flower, pasha sword, English ivy, potos ivy, salon fern and ribbon flower.

These plants can destroy 87% in the air in 24 hours. Of course, putting these plants in your home in a tiny pot may not provide the desired benefit. Ideally, plants should be at least 15 cm tall and have one plant, not many. The number of plants may vary depending on the square meter, the person and the plant you have.