Archaeologists Announce They Have Found an Intact Mummy for 2500 Years

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Archaeologists in Egypt; In the previous weeks, they announced that they had found 59 wooden coffins that were very well preserved and sealed, buried 2,500 years ago. Before the press release, the team opened one of the most ornate sarcophagi. Team; He revealed that the mummified remains were wrapped in a shroud containing light colors and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

This striking invention; “We are very happy about this discovery,” said Mustafa Waziri, general secretary of the High Council of Antiquities, to the south of Cairo.

Almost 3 weeks have passed since the first 13 coffins were found. And more coffins continue to be found 12 meters deep in the wells.

Tourism and Antiques President Khaled al-Anani says an unknown number of other coffins may still be buried next to the 4700-year-old Pyramid of Zoser. “I see this not as the end of a discovery, but as the beginning of a greater discovery,” he continued.

The president also added that these coffins, which were sealed about 2,500 years ago, were old until the end of Ancient Egypt, which corresponds to the 6th or 7th century. Excavations in Sakkara in recent years; He unearthed archaeological burials containing mummified snakes, birds, sacred corn beetle, and other animals.

The Great Discovery

The discovery of the coffins was the first big news announced since the COVID-19 outbreak that has caused museums and archaeological excavations to have been closed since the end of March. Dozens of statues were also found in this area, including a bronze figure depicting Nefertem, the ancient god of the lotus flower.

Secretary-General Anani said the preliminary work indicated that these sarcophagi most likely belonged to the priests and the prominent figures belonged to the people of the 26th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty. He also said that all the coffins will be taken to the Great Egyptian Museum on the Giza Plateau, which will be opened soon.

These coffins; will be put in the room in the south of Luxor city last year, where 32 sealed sarcophagi given to the priests of the 22nd Dynasty are displayed. The opening date of the Great Egyptian Museum is planned as 2021.

The museum will host thousands of archaeological artifacts from pre-dynastic to Greco-Roman times, spanning different times in Egyptian history.