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Areca palm care watering one of the exotic succulents that are grown widely across the globe is the Areca Palm. These are palm trees that are native to the areas around Europe and have now been transported to many parts of the world. It takes about three years for these trees to bear fruit. The areca palm care needs cool and wet soil with temperatures around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (17-19 Degrees Celsius) to thrive. It actually grows best in partial shade and has a preference for high humidity (about 50%) throughout the year.

Areca Palm Care As with most other succulents, the Areca Palm requires a fairly high amount of humidity to thrive in. However, unlike most other plants that are grown in a sunny or semi-sunny area, the Areca Palm requires the driest of environments possible for optimal health. The areca palm care yellow leaves well-draining soil that contains nutrients and water to flourish. It is a desert plant, and like other desert plants, it needs the most moisture and nutrients available to it. To ensure good moisture content, the leaves of this palm should be washed frequently with clean water; however, do not overdo it as otherwise, the leaves may become dry. When providing the Areca Palm with a sufficient amount of water and nutrients, the palm will go through one of two different stages. In the first stage, the Areca Palm will grow shoots known as rhizomes that are pink or green in color. These are actually the buds of the Areca Palm and the source of the plant’s food. As the plant advances into its second stage, the areca palm will go into its dormant stage. During this time, the Areca Palm will not grow any additional shoots.