Coal Power Plants Don’t Make Economic Meaning

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all countries, and especially the G20 countries, on Thursday (September 3rd) to completely abandon coal at an online climate conference hosted by Japan.

The Ministry of Environment of Japan has an initiative called “The 2020 Redesign Platform: Online Platform for Sustainable and Resilient Recovery from COVID-19”. The website says it is “a center that blends climate and other environmental policies and actions of countries planned and implemented in the context of recovery from COVID-19.”

Guterres urged Japan to stop financing the construction of coal power plants and to quickly turn to green energy.

According to the Associated Press, Guterres said the top priorities are prioritizing ‘green’ jobs, ending subsidies for the use of fossil fuels, and considering energy and climate change issues in all decisions.

“Clean energy provides more jobs, cleaner air, better health, and stronger economic growth,” said Guterres.

“It makes no economic sense to burn money in coal plants that will soon become stranded assets,” he said. “There is no rationale for coal-based energy in any investment plan”.

Guterres added that the goals of halving global emissions by 2030 and achieving ‘carbon neutrality’ by 2050 – the key to limiting global warming – are achievable, but we are now out of the way.

He urged participating countries to develop more ambitious plans and long-term strategies before COP26 next year (the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change).