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Cultured mushroom cultivation is done in a special mixture called cultivated mushroom compost. In commercial production areas, it is necessary to have professional equipment for thermal insulation, ventilation, and ambient humidity. Careful work is a must regarding the place where the business will be established, but it is more practical and easier to grow cultivated mushrooms at home.
The first material you need to grow mushrooms in your home is mushroom compost. You can prepare the mushroom compost yourself at home or buy it ready-made, speeding up the process and making it easier. Composts you will buy ready-made are in their incubation period.

How to grow cultivated mushrooms at home

Take the perforated container or bag containing your compost in a dark room with a humidity of 70-80%, and add water to these holes every day.
After about 20 days, open the mouth of the container/bag so that it can see light and ventilate for 8 hours a day.
Again, every day, keep the soil moist with the help of fısh.
You will see that your mushrooms are starting to form slowly.
If you’re making it yourself, it only takes 30 days for the mushroom compost to become fertile. The cultivated mushroom, which has an incubation period of 18-20 days after compost formation, comes to the appropriate point for harvesting approximately 15 days after this process. After collecting your grown mushrooms, you can continue the same processes and get products from the same compost over and over again.