Do Alligators Cry?

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The term crocodile tears refer to false or insincere sadness. This term has an etymology dating back several centuries. In the early fourth century, crocodile tears were referred to in the literature as a metaphor for false sadness. In the fairy tale apparently; The crocodile cried because it was sad while eating its prey, but this sadness was related to the fake. The term crocodile tears came into common use with the documentation of a fifteenth-century book.

In an article published in BioScience, researchers observed 7 crocodiles in captivity (4 Caimans and 3 American alligators) feeding in a reserve. In the eyes of five of these 7 crocodiles; proved to be bubbling and moist while feeding or after feeding. Researchers; suggest that these tears are caused by the crocodile’s hissing and anger while eating. And this hissing; In the process of receiving nasolacrimal * secretions, it pushes air from the sinuses out of the eye.

Alligator tears typically occur as a complication of Bell’s palsy. Bell’s palsy is a temporary facial paralysis due to facial nerve damage. Specifically, when the facial nerve * regenerates after Bell’s palsy, it does this wrong. This causes tears while chewing. Crocodile tears are treated using some botulinum toxin delivered to the tear gland.

Have you ever witnessed a crocodile cry before?

Nasolacrimal duct *: tear duct

Facial nerve *: manages the motor muscles, which have an important function in using gestures, speaking, chewing, and swallowing.