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Gases released by humans into the atmosphere
As a result of the greenhouse effect, the world
global warming to increase in temperature on the surface
is trying. As we know the world
its surface is heated by the sun’s rays.
Causing changes in the world climate system
effects of global warming from the highest peaks,
deep into the ocean, from the equator to the poles
It is felt all over the world.
Arctic glaciers are melting, the seawater level
and land losses are increasing in coastal areas.
For example, since the late 1960s, the Northern Hemisphere
There has been a 10 percent reduction in snow cover. 20th
between 10-25 cm at sea levels throughout the century
There was an increase.
Due to global warming, some of the world
hurricanes, floods, and the severity of floods in their areas and
While the frequency increases, in some areas, prolonged, severe
droughts and desertification are effective.
The temperatures increase in winter, spring is coming early,
autumn is delaying, animal migration periods
it is changing. So climates are changing.
Here is the plant that cannot stand these changes and
animal species are either decreasing or completely absent
is happening.
Global warming on living species
its negative effects are quite high. Spherical
animals are more affected by warming,
both lifestyles, and species diversity
significantly affected. Biodiversity
decreases species richness, which is an important element
It is one of the most important environmental problems of our age.
Mutual substance exchange of living things
Any environment they can do is called an “ecosystem”.
In other words, living and non-living in any environment
it is the integrity that beings form together. Of nature
There is a perfectly working balance in its structure.
All living and non-living from the breakdown of this balance


Biodiversity on Earth has existed for millions of years
Although there are species losses over time,
is known. Today, dinosaurs that lived in the past and other
animal species are recognized by their fossils. The world in the past
Although there are animal species losses in the ecosystem
it has increased considerably in the last century we live.
Animal species losses in the world ecosystem
It directly affects the life of all living things.
Animal species reach higher levels as a result of global warming.
shows a correct distribution