Forest fires

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In the summer months when the weather starts to get warmer, forest fires threatening the future of our country and even our world destroy the existing ecosystem and the living or non-living creatures living in this ecosystem due to carelessness, intent, or some unknown reasons.

The general definition of forest fire is expressed as “the fire that can burn and destroy all combustible beings, living and non-living, which are members of the union of living in the forest”. As it can be understood from this statement, the forest is not only the trees that clean the air of the city we live in, but also the trees that meet the timber and wood needs of our country, but the catastrophe that we are dragged into with the destruction of the creatures that shelter in the forest and benefit the forest and the deterioration of the existing ecological balance.

For a forest fire to occur, 3 elements that we call the fire triangle are needed. These elements; temperature is oxygen and a flammable substance, and the ignition temperature must be at least 300-400 degrees, and the oxygen ratio must be around 20-21% for the fire to break out. Considering these three factors, the ignition temperature and the amount of oxygen must be reduced to extinguish the fire in case of fire. Especially by reducing the oxygen rate to 15% and below, the fire can be controlled. Removing the flammable substance from the environment is the second important factor in controlling the fire. Removal of flammable substances can be accomplished by cutting trees close to the fire into strips and cleaning the cover.

Forest fires have 4 main causes of occurrence. If we want to list these reasons, negligence and imprudence were determined as 47%, unknown reasons as 34%, intent at 13%, and lightning as 6%. Among the unknown elements, many factors such as the sparks splashing while the train passes from the railway rails, the bottles were thrown around after drinking act as lenses can cause fires.

Since the forest laws enacted for the first time in 1937, 74,294 forest fires have occurred and 1,630,046 ha area has been burned. 58% of our country’s forests are sensitive to fire, our country’s forests are not self-sufficient in recent years and import of logs and timber from other countries has been made. , cypress acacia, blackberry) plants should be used.