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Helen of Troy is one of the first true stories of love between a European and a native woman. Born in Athens, Helen was captured by the Trojan prince. Helen of Troy Legendary Greek warriors invades the walls of Troy to pillage the city and rescue their abducted queen. Meanwhile, an enchanting shepherd falls in love with the beautiful princess of the land. The two spend time together and become lovers. When the king of Troy falls in love with who is Helen of Troy in greek mythology, she vows to return to Greece.

Helen of Troy

Helen and Troy enjoy a loving relationship for many years. When Helen of Troy’s father dies, Helen assumes the throne as Queen of Greece. However, when the Rhodesian warlord Mycenae attacks Troy, Helen is forced to flee to the island of Aegina with her husband and son. Here, she and her husband fall in love and marry the king of Mycenae, Anchises.

Helen leaves behind her daughter Orestes and her maid Polyneices to take care of Polyneices’ young son, Orestes. When Helen of Troy realizes that her husband is ignoring her, she starts to feel dejected. She returns to her father’s house where she attempts to comfort her mother by giving her a maid’s job. Later, though, Helen discovers that her father has been dead for twenty-five years.

Who is Helen of Troy in Greek Mythology

Helen of Troy in Greek mythology marries Archilochus, a king of Sparta. He is a very fat man who is very fond of horses. Helen immediately falls in love with him and they marry. However, when the soldiers of Archilochus begin to attack Helen’s family, she flees to the city of Troy. There, she meets Andromache, the princess of Troy who falls in love with her.

Helen and Andromache have several children, Chrysothemis and Electra. They also have a daughter named Helen of Lacedaemon who is very jealous of her mother and attempts to kill her. In fact, Helen kills her friend Patroclus (a member of the Trojans) during a war in Greece.

Helen returns to Greece and is welcomed back by her father. He tries to make her wed again, but she refuses. She then travels to Italy and falls in love with Marcion of Aulis. However, his father Flavius has other ideas and has Marcion murdered. Helen returns to Troy, where her father lives. She finds her beloved husband, Antigone, who is more willing to have a child with her than her.

When Helen of Troy in Greek mythology finds herself pregnant, Antigone tells her husband not to allow the baby to be born. Helen pleads with her father for forgiveness, but Antigone has a more radical plan. She forces Helen to marry Metroon, the king of Mycenae, and to marry Archilochus, the son of Agamemnon and Themistratus. However, Helen spurns her mother’s wishes and agrees to have the baby.

How did Helen of Troy Die?

How did Helen of Troy Die of Troy faces many trials throughout her life. She suffers from anemia due to the fact that her mother died when she was still a young woman. She also suffers from the false rumors that continually grow around her. Finally, Helen is raped by Hector while fighting in the battle of Troy. The rape leaves her with permanent scars on her side of the stomach.

Helen marries Archilochus, but their infant son, Ascanius, is actually the product of a liaison between the king of Mycenae and Helen’s lover, Paris. Helen is furious and totally heartbroken at the situation. She does not believe that her son will be happy if he grows up in her home. Her good friend Patroclus comes to her rescue and the two of them go to Troy to help Helen with her woes. Helen’s friends, Themis, Charmidas, and Adonis help her deal with the harassment that attacks her every day.

Helen of Troy also experiences marital problems. Her husband, Hippias, is unkind to her and she also feels unloved. When her best friend, Patroclus, begins to flirt with her, Helen’s passion for him is also sparked. Later, Helen discovers that she is pregnant and the two of them go to Troy to be joined together by their son, Aeolus.

When the king of Mycenae sees the newlyweds, he vows to support them in whatever they choose to do. He also vows to have Helen wed to his son, Hippias. However, when Helen of Troy learns of Hippias’ marriage to her sister, she curses her father and refuses to let him marry her. Hector, who is also her tutor, attempts to convince her, but she storms off to join her sister in being wed. She is also very angry with Hector for not leaving her alone after telling her to avoid Hippias. However, when the Trojans surround Troy, Helen of Troy is able to escape and meet up with her beloved, Antimachus, who had been taken as a prisoner by the Trojans.

Helen of Troy also meets up with her younger sister, Chrysothemis. They decide to build an olive grove on the Acropolis hill so that they can have a protected place to rest from battle. They are attacked by the Trojan prince, Paris, who tries to force his way into their grove and capture How did Helen of Troy die. The goddess angered by Helen’s betrayal decides to send her to the kingdom of Troy where she will serve as a maid until her sister marries Hippias. However, when Chrysothemis dies of a broken heart, Helen vows never to return to Troy, but instead to become a princess in her husband’s land.