How Did History Begin, How Did Human History Begin, When Did The Ages Of History Begin? What Are The Historical Periods? **2021

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How did history begin? Human history has been in existence as long as there have been civilizations on the earth. There is no indication as to how did human history begin, but there is a strong indication that it did beginning with Adam and Eve. Where did the idea of human history begin? When did the first civilization rise to power and become the greatest on the earth?

When did the Ages of History begin? Some historians suggest that the idea of the Ages of History began with the concept of a divine historical narrative told by Noah. This story described the old world as a place that was nothing like what we know today. Noah wrote in a very unique way, describing the old world and how things worked in it. This may have been a form of religion, or it could have been that the story was passed down from generation to generation orally in the form of songs, poems, and stories. In other forms of writing, people would write about how things were done and why. When did humanity begin writing? When did humanity begin learning the written word? When did the idea of human history and the idea of writing? What are the historical periods? When did the concept of human history start?