the effects of movies on humans

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‘Black Panther’: People started adopting black cats from shelters.

Some shelters even run out of black cats. Previously, people were not very interested in these animals because of their color, because we live in a world full of superstitions. If you remember, seeing a black cat means bad luck. According to some beliefs, black cats are the incarnations of the devil and those who serve witches.

Bambi‘: The number of hunters dzecreased by 50%.

‘Bambi’: The number of hunters decreased by 50%.Bambi, a children’s classic, barely survives after her mother’s death. According to the story, his mother was killed by hunters. In 1942, when the cartoon was published; Many hunters, most of whom were family people, gave up their hobbies forever.

This phenomenon has been called the ‘Bambi effect’. When a human starts to liken animals to children, to see desserts, he begins to reject hunting unconditionally. In other words, Bambi became the biggest symbol of protecting animal rights.

The Silence of the Lambs’: A large number of women applied to work for the FBI.

The FBI played an active role in the filming. Jodie Foster attended spy training at the FBI’s Quantico base to get into the role. Representatives of the Bureau hoped the film would attract prospective agents, and that’s exactly what happened. Clarice’s image has encouraged many women to become FBI agents.

‘Jaws’: There has been less interest in beach holidays and new rules have been introduced for beaches.

The movie changed people’s view of the beaches, and the news about people who were constantly attacked by sharks appeared in the newspapers. New rules began to be applied in beach resorts. With nets, people’s swimming areas were restricted and routes were calculated for emergency escape from the water.

As for sharks, most deaths in water are due to inability to swim. Sharks rarely swim ashore and are not interested in human meat. They prefer to hide from curious divers too.

‘Skyfall’: Razor sales increased by 405%.

We don’t know how the director turned a simple shave into the sexiest scene in the movie, but hundreds of thousands of men started shaving the old way.

As a result, Google saw a 735% increase in searches for the words ‘dangerous razors’ and razor manufacturers reported a 405% increase in sales. Meanwhile, the switch to dangerous razors is supported by environmentalists because they can be used much longer than modern plastic razors.