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45 The Most Trendy Wall Decor of Recent Times: Wall Carpet Ideas

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Today, the 60s are in fashion and the 2000s are slowly returning. What does it mean? They are inspired by the past of these designers. Just 10 years ago, everyone was very uncomfortable with carpets hanging on the walls, many said it was “scoop” and completely unbalanced. You can see carpets on the walls by browsing modern glossy publications that print photos of new trendy interiors.

Designers use a variety of techniques to balance the color balance of the room. They harmoniously put bright accents in the room. Why are you hanging a carpet on the wall? Today, they often pretend to be such accents. Previously, the carpet on the wall was considered an average sign of wealth. Synthetic rugs hung and looked unhappy as a result. Today, designers use carpets in expensive interiors. Most often it is a special product made from natural materials. These woven items are made by hand and often in a single copy.

The carpet in the room acts as a color accent. You can use modern posters or printed images for this purpose. However, printed materials seem cheap. And the carpet is a luxury item. It perfectly complements the simple interior and can be the center of the composition. Don’t you understand why carpets are hanging on the wall? It is clear, then, that you never buy a corner room in a panel house. How not to insulate such a room, the wall will still remain cold. In this case, the carpet can be a salvation. An intense barrier will help protect you from the cold. This piece of furniture will be especially relevant for those who want to put a bed next to the reinforced concrete wall. Of course, the draft will not be in the room, but the chilled concrete will cool down. In this case, the best solution is natural wool yarn or a wool carpet. Today you can order such a product in a variety of techniques. It could be something woven or felt. Any option will do. The main thing is not to buy synthetics. Such a thing cannot bring neither warmth nor comfort to the room. Before buying, consider the color scheme. If your room is made of dark colors, you can hang a bright rug, if the room is colorful, give preference to a dark rug.