The Mysterious Deaths of Hundreds of Elephants in Botswana Finally Under Focus

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The Ministry of Wildlife stated that the mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants in Okavango, Bostwana’s famous delta, could be caused by natural poisons.

This South African country, which has no coastline to the sea, has the world’s most populous elephant population with approximately 130,000 elephants. Approximately 300 elephants have been found dead since March. Authorities found anthrax and poaching unlikely as they could not detect deterioration in elephants’ teeth.

Cyril Taolo, director of the Ministry of Wildlife and Parks, said that the first tests in various countries have not been conclusive so far and many of the tests are in the implementation phase. “However, according to some of the results we got from the first tests, we examine poisoning caused by natural causes. So far we have not been able to determine the cause of the deaths.

Taolo said that some bacteria can produce poison, especially in still water. Although the government has announced that 281 animals have died so far, independent environmentalists claim that this number is more than 350. A group of environmentalists from the charity called EWB drew attention to the first deaths. In the top-secret report leaked to the media in early July, 356 elephants were recorded.

The EWB stated that for three months, elephants continued to die in the specified area, with deaths not related to age or gender. Some of the elephants that were alive were found to be weak, weak, and sluggish, some showing signs of not being able to recognize the environment, having difficulty walking, and limping.

Tests continue to be carried out in private laboratories in countries such as South Africa, Canada, the USA, and Zimbabwe.