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What is incense
What is an incense made of
What is incense used for

What is incense? Incense is a mixture of herbs, spices, gums, aromatic chemicals, and other ingredients, which are burned or poured into mugs, containers, or baskets. It is considered to be the product of the earth and is used to cleanse, purify, as well as purifying the air. What is incense used for, then, is mainly for cleansing one’s mind, body, and spirit. The main purpose is to cleanse the atmosphere from negative energy, which is often a major cause for illness.

What is an incense made of: The material of the incense sticks themselves varies. In general, though, incense sticks are made from either aromatic chemicals such as myrrh or cedarwood, or a mixture of the two, such as cinnamon sticks and gum resins. Burning incense generates smoke, which is released through the incense holder. What is smoke in incense sticks does not matter, so long as the smoke is inhaled and does not stay in one’s nostrils and mouth? What is incense: Incense can be used in many different ways, depending on how you want to use it. It can be used in its traditional form, which is called Frixo Incense Stick, which is a bundle of sticks tied together by thin ropes, with the end of the sticks being thicker than the rest so as to prevent smoke from being inhaled by breaking the bundles, or Frixo Fire Stick, which is a longer, thinner bundle of sticks. In India, however, Frixo Incense and Fire Stick are the traditional form of incense, which is what people in India call “Frixi.” Some people use modern incense sticks in their home incense sticks, but many others still stick to the traditional method of burning incense sticks in their homes.