Why Do Beavers Build Dam?

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No, beavers do not live inside the dam, but they still have a special purpose. What we know about beavers is that they are very intelligent builders who know enough engineering to build the most complex river structures. Beavers do not use helmets and cranes while doing these. But why do beavers do this? To put it right from the beginning: Beavers build a dam to protect them from animals that can hunt them, such as bears and wolves. But this is not exactly the way you think.

Now the beavers don’t live inside the dam structure, instead, they build a barrier, using this barrier to create a pool that will increase the depth of the dam. It builds real nests in this pool. It functions as a dry living and food storage space as a small guardian island or a dome-shaped house, which not only keeps land animals away but also allows beavers to dig multiple underwater entrances and exits from under the dome. This means that if danger arises, it means that they can safely exit or escape the tunnels.

In the UK, the width of these nests can be 10 meters in diameter and may require dams 100 meters wide. The largest beaver dam in the world was discovered in Alberta, Canada, measuring a massive 500 meters wide. It could have been a little longer if it could be connected to other nearby dams. Of course, contrary to legends, such structures cannot be seen from space. But interestingly, while in the rest of the world these structures protect beavers from large predators, in the UK, beavers do not emphasize this feature much. So why? That is why there are not many large predators left.

“From grizzly bears to wolves and polar badgers, all were killed in this country,” said Richard Brazier, professor of Earth surface processes at the Department of Geography, University of Exeter. Despite this, the beavers still create deep water dams with their innate instincts to feel safe. ” he explains. Well, so far we have found the answers to these questions. After that, you can find answers to many questions below, from how long the dams last, to what the beavers eat in their nests.

What Do Beavers Eat?

You can imagine that beavers don’t eat fish and chips as shown in The Narnian Chronicles: The Lion Witch and Wardrobe. He doesn’t even eat on Fridays. “Even though otters eat fish, beavers are herbivores and generally only eat the leaves of trees such as willows and poplar,” he explains. “Beavers sometimes peel the bark of trees and eat it. These animals are generally quite adaptable and can consume most aquatic and land plants, ”he adds.

Once their bellies are fed, the beavers can very cleverly find a shortcut back home. Beavers can dig a channel along the riverbank that goes straight back to their dam, especially if they find a perfect willow tree with lots of leaves. “This means that once they have reached a useful tree, they can easily break off a branch and drag it down the canal. This is clever,” he explains.

How Many Beavers Live in a Dam?

There is no specific number. A dam and nest can hold up to 10 beavers from a pair of beavers. However, usually, only one beaver family lives in a region, and even fights with other beaver families that enter their territory. Interestingly, as long as beaver species are active in an area, nests and a standing dam can host beavers for generations. For example, although the average life span of a beaver is 8 years, it is estimated that the above mentioned Alberta dam was first built in 1970.

Do Beavers Hibernate?

No, beavers, like most other rodents, do not hibernate. However, it is meticulously prepared for the long winter months. Beavers create a food store under their nest in case their ponds freeze in the winter. Brazier; “If the lake freezes and the beavers get stuck there somehow, they can swim to the underwater food storage, take some willow leaves from there and then take them back upstairs.” he explains. The beavers spend more time in their huts not only to protect themselves from the cold but also to feed their newborn babies during this time they are stuck on ice. If you are wondering about these puppies, they are extremely cute. So what happens if the water level rises too high in winter and floods the nest? One more layer is enough for the beavers.

Are Beavers Nightlife?

Yep, that probably explains why you’ve never seen beavers on river banks. Brazier: “Beavers normally come out of the nest at 7:00 p.m. to comb their feathers and feed. Over the next 12 hours he finds more food, releases smells, and controls the boundaries of his territories. ” says. “He enters the kindergarten around 07:00 in the morning, eats his food, and sleeps,” he adds.

So Why Are Beavers Nightly?

Like many nocturnal animals, this behavior helps them avoid predators. However, it is uncommon for beavers in the country to be truly nocturnal, as many predators are extinct in the UK. Brazier; “This means that UK beavers could potentially become diurnal animals, but these changes take a long time.” says. “Remember; such creatures have evolved for millions of years and probably have always lived as nocturnal animals during these times,” he adds.

Why Do Beavers Beat Their Tails Into Water?

No, the beavers are not showing off or trying to splash you. If a wild beaver claps its tail at you, it’s because it feels threatened. Just as a rabbit hits its feet to stimulate its nest, a beaver taps its tail into the water to warn others before diving. Any family member who hears the splashing will likely go back to the water as well. Brazier: “So if you are lucky enough to see any symptoms from beavers, think of the branches they chewed. You have to be very quiet and move slowly. If you see movement on the water surface, be patient and watch it, it will be worth it.

Do Beavers Have Any Other Good Features?

Glad you asked. Beavers developed over time to have a useful comb on their hind legs. Notches in the middle of one of their right claws separate the claw, which makes it easier for them to comb. Brazier: “This internal comb is an easy way to keep a beaver’s fur clean. Because this is not just a matter of hygiene. Dirty fur is one of the worst enemies of beavers. This is because clean fur is water and cold-proof. ” he explains.

Remember: Although it may work for beavers, we strongly recommend that you grow your nails as long as for beavers. Think about your mother’s reaction to this.